A history of the glass ceiling commission barrier in organizations

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A history of the glass ceiling commission barrier in organizations

The phrase was first used about or Statistics provided by the U. Department of Labor DOL indicated that only 2 percent of top level management jobs and 5 percent of corporate board positions were held by women as of The failure of more women and minorities to crack the upper levels of corporate management is due to the glass ceiling.

Statistics prove beyond doubt that a glass ceiling existed long before the term was introduced. These barriers to minority progress had previously defied clear definition but, in the late s, the glass ceiling became part of the language of management literature. Several articles in publications such as the Wall Street Journal detailed the increase of women in administrative and management level jobs, from 24 to 37 percent over a period from to Yet the glass ceiling blocked women from rising to top management positions as mentioned above.

On March 24,a special page section of the Wall Street Journal did much to define the glass ceiling for women.

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The inclusion of minorities would follow. This report did much to bring full light to the ceiling in the corporate world. Using interviews and data to highlight the issues, the Journal report was the first landmark publication of a powerful voice in employment equity.

Another significant work was published in Sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership and written by Ann Morrison, Breaking the Glass Ceiling synthesized the data and attitudes on the invisible barriers as well as outline the problems, provided a formula for success, and described the pattern of future progress in breaking the ceiling.

The conclusions of the study pointed to few true differences between men and women in psychological, emotional, or intellectual qualities; but the study found that contradictions in the expectations for women were a major factor in the glass ceiling. Women were expected to be tough but not display "macho" characteristics; they were expected to take responsibility yet be obedient in following orders; and they were expected to be ambitious yet not to expect equal treatment.

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Also, the glass ceiling applied to women as a group, not just individuals. DOL data supported the independent conclusions of the findings of the Center for Creative Leadership team and those of the Catalyst, a New York-based research organization that advised corporations on how to foster the careers of women.

Of 31, management-level employees, 5, At the executive level, women represented only 6. Other studies identified similar statistics, another factor that reinforced other findings and eventually led to greater DOL involvement. The organization studied employment and advancement trends for women in financial services, manufacturing, food and beverage industries, fashion retail merchandising, and high-technology corporations.

Women face this glass wall early in their careers and miss opportunities for progressive training. Following the wall, the glass ceiling naturally limits upward advancement.

Among the first institutions to recognize the existence of the invisible barriers was the federal government. Recognition of dramatic changes in the economy and the workforce appeared in a formidable report published by the DOL in "Glass ceiling" is the term used to describe barriers that prevent women and minorities from advancing to management positions in corporations and organizations.

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A history of the glass ceiling commission barrier in organizations

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A history of the glass ceiling commission barrier in organizations

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