Ben franklin ultimate founding father

He was the illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklina leading figure in the city. InBen told his own mother that William was nineteen years old, [2] but this may have been an attempt to make the youth appear legitimate. William was raised by Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Readhis common-law wife ; William always called her his mother. Marriage and family[ edit ] As a young man, William became engaged to Elizabeth Graemedaughter of prominent Philadelphia physician Dr.

Ben franklin ultimate founding father

In a letter to Rev. I am only his successor. However, Benjamin Franklin was able to use his reason to deduce the immorality of slavery and would go on to organize one of the first anti-slavery societies in the U. Their apprehension seems as quick, their memory as strong, and their docility in every respect equal to that of white children.

In his later years he became a widely outspoken abolitionist and was President of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society.

Benjamin Franklin

Shortly before his death on April 17,he petitioned the First Congress to abolish slavery. Benjamin Franklin was born inthe third youngest of 17 siblings.

His father was intent on sending him to become a minister. When Franklin instead applied himself to reading and writing, he was sent to apprentice with his older brother James as a printer.

While living the unglamorous life of an apprentice, the young Franklin poured over books in the shop and became a self-taught writer.

Following a trip abroad to England, now a disciplined and savvy businessman, he bought his first newspaper — the Pennsylvania Gazette. In a few years it became the most popular publication in the colonies, filled with witty commentaries and revolutionary political ideas. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pioneer for the Press An accomplished publisher, writer and businessman. By his late 20s, Franklin had purchased the failing Pennsylvania Gazette and turned it into the most successful, and profitable, periodical in the new world.

It was later re-popularized following the enactment of the Stamp Act and became a hallmark of Revolutionary America. The publication would feature conflicting arguments and commentaries often written by Franklin himself instead of maintaining one point of view.

This practice would be the subject of considerable controversy, which prompted him to author the Apology of Printers. The letter is an expertly written defense that enumerates the principles that guide the publishing trade.

Hence they chearfully serve all contending Writers that pay them well, without regarding on which side they are of the Question in Dispute.

His good humor served him well not only as a diplomat but also as a writer. When writing he used comedy to appeal to a mass audience.

Ben franklin ultimate founding father

Similarly, Franklin would publish written works under pseudonyms while offering scathing social and political critiques. Writing under the name Silence Dogood, supposedly a middle-aged widow, Franklin wrote: And if they have, then it follows, that when a Vice is to be reproved, Men, who are most culpable, deserve the most Reprehension, and certainly therefore, ought to have it… Are not the Men to blame for their Folly in maintaining us in Idleness?

Who is there that can be handsomely supported in Affluence, Ease and Pleasure by another, that will chuse rather to earn his Bread by the Sweat of his own Brows?

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And if a Man will be so fond and so foolish, as to labour hard himself for a Livelihood, and suffer his Wife in the mean Time to sit in Ease and Idleness, let him not blame her if she does so, for it is in a great Measure his own Fault.

Like George Washington, Franklin remained independent of parties while others like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went on to become a Democratic-Republican and Federalist, respectively.This list of 10 reasons why Benjamin Franklin is the best founding father illustrates why the expert statesman and revolutionary publisher was instrumental.

This list of 10 reasons why Benjamin Franklin is the best founding father illustrates why the expert statesman and revolutionary publisher was instrumental. About.

About IVN;. Benjamin Franklin founded or helped found numerous organizations and institutions—fire-fighting clubs, academies, hospitals, libraries, and insurance companies. Ben Franklin: Ultimate Founding Father Essay In my research, I have decided that Ben Franklin is the ultimate Founding Father.

Benjamin Franklin Biography for Kids

He’s done things not only to make the government better, but he’s also helped society in general. Benjamin Franklin was a modern day Renaissance Man. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin excelled in many areas including science, inventing, politics, writing, music, and diplomacy.

He is one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and is often called the "First American". Ben Franklin never said "Beer is Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." let's stop perpetuating the myth.

Ben Franklin never said "Beer is Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Like fake news & bad memes, let's stop perpetuating the myth.

Ben franklin ultimate founding father

Home Anchor Brewing — an ipso facto founding father of the modern craft. Benjamin Franklin () was a key founding father of the new United States. However, more than this he was a true 'Renaissance Man', making his presence felt in the fields of science, literature, political science, diplomacy, and more.

6 Reasons Why Benjamin Franklin is the Best Founding Father