Case study managing customer quality service

Aella Credit Case Study Aella Credit gains a competitive edge, improves identity verification, and grows from 5, tocustomers in several months. The organization provides access to credit to customers across Nigeria through an online loan-processing platform. Aella Credit uses AWS to support its loan-processing software and takes advantage of Amazon Rekognition for identity verification. Aftership Case Study Based in Hong Kong, AfterShip provides automated shipment tracking as a service, supporting shipping services worldwide and handling over 30 million packages every month.

Case study managing customer quality service

March 8, Accepted: May 15, Online Published: July 16, doi: Introduction Hotel management scholars consider service quality a precedent to guest satisfaction.

Case study managing customer quality service

Researchers have defined service quality in relation to the concept of consumer-perceived quality, which is based solely on the perspective of customers. Such a perception is built in a place where an organization supplies goods and services to customers in a manner that satisfies them and where they examine service quality Babajide,p.

In the hotel industry, service quality that satisfies customers is important to encourage them to revisit and to earn their loyalty Carev, ; Carman, ; Jabulani, ; Parasuraman.

The definition is similar to the concept of attitude. Much of the recent research on service quality has been carried out within the framework of the SQ service quality model developed from the extensive research of Parasuraman et al. Taking on views from the study by Parasuraman et al.

Considering the dimensions of service quality is, therefore, necessary as well. This dimension was focused on several studies on which hotel administrators received the support to implement the plan for improving service quality AlRousan, ; Mohsin, ; Parasuraman et al.

The benefits of a good service quality as far as the hotel industry is concerned include greater guest satisfaction and enhancement of employee performance Cronin et al.

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Zeithaml and Bitner mentioned that perception of service quality becomes global depending on Case study managing customer quality service prevalence of the service. The idea that service quality is a multidimensional concept is commonly accepted.

According to Antony and Ghosh and Harveyservice quality covers meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This description has become popular since its inception in the late s.

The concept of service quality stemmed from the area of marketing, which puts importance to the relationship between a business and its customers.

Service quality is intangible, making its measurement impossible. Evaluation of service quality largely depends on management of appearances and perceptions p. It uses the five dimensions developed by Parasuraman et al. These five dimensions are the followings: Service quality, such as in the hotel industry, is difficult to understand compared with product quality because the former is intangible.

Several studies reported that the SERVQUAL scale is not universal because the dimensionality of service quality apparently depends on the type of service examined Ladhari,p. Oberoi and Hales suggest that service quality plays an important role in conference hotels in the United Kingdom and report that service-quality perception has two dimensions: Getty and Thompson describe the validity of the SERVQUAL dimensions in the hotel sector and report that only two of the dimensions tangibles and reliability are generic.

Al Roussan examines Parasuraman model for hotel service quality and customer loyalty in Jordanian hotels using the Marriott hotel chain as a case study. The study discusses the five gaps in service quality in the context of Jordan and applies this model to the Marriott hotel chain to test its quality of service.

Case study managing customer quality service

Service Quality Dimensions The first definition, reliability is defined as the ability of a service supplier to promptly deliver a good quality of www. Observing service delivery contracts, pricing, and complaints handling are all important for a business. AlRousan, ; Parasuraman et al.

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The second concept, responsiveness is the agreeableness to help guest by providing immediate service as soon as a request is received.

The service guests will provide soon and prompt attention to all their guest requests, question and suggestion Al Rousan, ; Knutson et al. The third concept, assurance is with consideration to the service quality detention which considerates on the capability to activate trust and confidence of the product or service provided.

The end of this step, tangibility is the service dimension that makes a product or service practical and usable for customers AlRousan, ; Parasuraman et al. Customer satisfaction is considered one of the most important outcomes of all marketing activities in a market-oriented firm.

The obvious objective of satisfying a customer is to expand a business, to gain higher market share, and to acquire repeat and referral business, all of which lead to improved profitability Barsky, ; Carev, However, the guest satisfaction concept in this model refers to judgement that depends on both good service quality and fitness of service to the needs of guests Tse and Wilton, According to Parasuraman, guest satisfaction is the level in which expectation of a guest is met or exceeded.

Carev defines service quality satisfaction based on overall consideration by a guest of the advantages of a service taking into account perceptions of what is reserved and what is given Parasuraman.

Service providers should be able to understand the behavior and needs of guests to be able to know how to satisfy them. Cheung and Law develop a new model for the measurement of hospitality SQ that incorporates performance of hotel employees in the SQ level.

This new SQ for the customer satisfaction model, in turn, can be directly integrated into the hospitality TQ operation because SQ is a basic component of TQ.Measuring Customer Expectations of Service Quality: case Airline Industry Logistics Master's thesis Ekaterina Tolpa Department of Information and Service Economy.

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This case study identifies 48 customer touchpoints – classified in human, product, service, communication, spatial, and electronic interaction – in a three-step approach: Employees and. In hotelindustry customer satisfaction is largely hooked upon quality of service. A management approach focused oncustomer satisfaction can improve customer loyalty, thus increasing the positive image of the touristicdestination.

Customers always have an experience – good, bad or indifferent – when they purchase a product or service from a company. The quality of the experience is in how effectively the company manages – in all its facets and from start to finish. Mar 22,  · Customers judge quality by comparing their expectations with their perceptions of what they receive (service experience), i.e., it is a customeroriented phenomenon; it is defined, judged & deduced by customer based on his experience, expertise, service process, environment, etc.

User evaluation is affected by service process, physical evidence. Case Study 5: Managing Quality Through Internal Marketing: The Case of the UK Retail Banking Sector Case Study 6: Quality Standards and the Journey to Total Quality: The Case of Inscom UK View all chapters View fewer chapters.

Service Quality Management: How to measure and manage it