Film adaptation of shakespearean comedy twelfth

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Film adaptation of shakespearean comedy twelfth

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Well, happy death day, at least. We observe both the birth and the death of the Bard on the date he died, April 23, though his birthdate has not been confirmed.

Billy, not yet rolling in his grave. Oh, and then there are the remixes. In fact, the cross-dressing comedy seems to have particular appeal for the makers of teen movies.

Film adaptation of shakespearean comedy twelfth

No matter where, a lovely lady gets to prove an easy point about girl power while some fake homoromantic tension is ginned up between the lady in drag and the man she falls for.

Not only was it fairly easy for these actors to be "convincing" in male garb, the device was a knowing wink at the audience, who knew the actor was a man playing a woman pretending to be a man.

Bynes plays Viola Hastings, a girl who pretends to be her brother to get onto a soccer team. And so, we have a typical girl in film-quality male wigs shouldering the weight of a Shakespearean masterwork.

It overcompensates by rigidly adhering to unnecessary details. Thus, Viola remains Viola, and Duke Orsino, her love interest, remains Yes, Channing Tatum plays a teenage soccer star named Duke.

They play for a boarding school called Illyria. Gosh, I wonder what play this is based on. Maintaining the same characters does not a successful modern adaptation make, however. Shakespeare at least had the sense to find it all poignant rather than fodder for cheap homophobic jokes and forced genital exposure at soccer games.

This is a really good movie to watch with your best friend over a few glasses bottles of wine.

Film adaptation of shakespearean comedy twelfth

In this comedy, Terry Griffith, a gorgeous and studious high school journalism student grows frustrated that her beauty prevents others from taking her career aspirations seriously.

Using Shakespeare as an excuse for jockstrap pratfalls and pants-stuffing gags seems a bit cheap, and this juvenile flick skimps on neither. It may not be saying much, but, at least in comparison to Gwyneth and Amanda, Joyce Hyser makes a pretty convincing, and even dashing, young man.

You guys think beautiful women are nothing but decorations! Society, consider yourself fixed!

Best Modern Versions of Shakespeare Plays & Adaptations List

There are flashbacks encased in cartoon thought bubbles. There are daydream sequences set in poorly produced magical forests. Unfortunately, Alison is now dating Striker Shane Westa former boy band member who has landed in their regular high school of course and has a truly ludicrous British accent.

Throw in those tacky, low-budget flashbacks and daydream sequences, and the modern viewer has likely had enough. Probably the cheesy song-and-dance numbers inserted directly into his script.

Oh, and the real star is Martin Short, god among comic character actors, who reinvigorates the Bottom archetype as the insanely egotistical, ridiculously untalented high school theater director.

Watch the movie, but watch it for Short, who transforms into a clown worthy of Falstaff. And Shakespeare, well, he knew the importance of being humorous. Meanwhile, the script has been heavily chopped down, making more room for bloody action sequences and breathless Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio embracing in a pool.

Seriously, the actors have the youthful innocence and fervor to sell their roles, and the chemistry to make us believe in their romance. This movie is for hormonal year-old girls who want the kind of romance Freddie Prinze Jr.Shakespeare Film Adaptations: Comedies (Anglophone) Posted on 6 January, by Samantha Lin For those who would like some help choosing titles for the Bardathon Challenge, I’ve put together lists of some Shakespearean film adaptations.

Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written around – as a Twelfth Night's entertainment for the close of the Christmas season. The play centres on the twins Viola and Sebastian, who are separated in a (who is disguised as Cesario) falls in love with Duke Orsino, who in turn is in love with the Countess Olivia.

Shakespeare in the Movies: From the Silent Era to Shakespeare in Love. Oxford University Press, , pp. Cartmell, B. Interpreting Shakespeare on Screen.

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(). Marshall, K. "How do you solve a problem like Maria?: A Problematic (re)interpretation of Maria in Trevor Nunn 's Twelfth Night." Literature-Film Quarterly . 18 Shakespeare Film Adaptations, Ranked From Worst To Best Joss Whedon's black and white adaptation of this classic Shakespeare comedy is the perfect film to watch on a calm summer night.

"Twelfth Night" - one of William Shakespeare's most wild and raucous romantic comedies - begins when Viola and Sebastian, nearly identical-looking siblings, survive a disaster at sea. 12 rows · A musical comedy Bollywood adaptation, based on the film Do Dooni Char, which was based on the film Bhranti Bilas, which in turn was based on an play by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, which is itself based on The Comedy of Errors.

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