Let your life speak

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Let your life speak

Imagine that from early in my life, a friendly figure, standing a block away, was trying to get my attention by shouting my name, wanting to teach me some hard but healing truths about myself.

Let your life speak

But I-- fearful of what I might hear or arrogantly trying to live wihtout help or simply too busy with my ideas and ego and ethics to bother-- ignored teh shouts and walked away.

So this figure, still with friendly intent, came closer and shouted more loudly, but AI kept walking.

Let your life speak

Ever closer it came, close enough to tap me on the shoulder, but I walked on. Frustrated by my unresponsiveness, the figure threw stones at my back, then struck me with a stick, still wanting simply to get my attention.

But despite teh pain, I kept walking away. Over teh years, teh befriending intent of this figure never disapppeared but became obscured by the frustration cuased by my refusal to turn around.

Since shouts and taps, stones and sticks had failed to do the trick, there was only one thing left: The figure calling to me all those years was, I believe, what Thomas Merton calls "true self.

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Let Your Life Speak Sunday, May 27, God’s image within each of us is inherent and irrevocable. God’s likeness is our unique expression of that image, inviting our full and conscious participation.

Embodied talk

If you are tired of life, overworked, stressed out, burned up, or chronically busy, this is for you. Excerpt from Let Your Life Speak Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Parker J.

Palmer Published: Jossey-Bass Inc., Chapter II, Now .

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