My karate test experience

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My karate test experience

Welome to Blue Valley Karate

That is, Karate is perfected only when both the mental and the technical physical are completed together. In Japanese, Karate-do means 'empty hand path'. This 'Path' or 'Way' as in 'Do' which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word 'Tao' is a spiritual journey of self discovery, not to be confused with Taoism.

In Karate, it represents the journey of mental and physical development through which each student must travel. We believe there is only one way to learn Karate-do; through commitment, effort, patience, and self discipline.

There are no short cuts. Although self defense is the common denominator of all martial arts, if you take away the physical techniques from many martial arts, little is left. However if you take them away from true Karate-do, you will still find a strong spiritual, ethical and moral foundation.

The traditional Karate dojo is a place of learning the 'Way' or simply put, a school of enlightenment. In it we learn to avoid physical confrontation whenever possible.

Proper use of skills acquired: Only as a last resort is the use of one's martial skill justified.

How does a "black belt test" work in your school and system? : martialarts

Then and only then, and without any restriction or rules should these skills be used. This is what the tactical and strategic training of authentic traditional martial training is all about This learning approach is philosophically as well as in practice incompatible with modern 'sport Karate'.

The ultimate goal is, as Sun Tzu's Art of War stipulates, to defeat an adversary without fighting at all. The more advanced one's fighting ability, the greater the need for self-restraint.


The student of Karate-do exudes natural strength and confidence, but is above all humble, courteous and respectful of others. Dedicated practice of Karate-do builds confidence, self esteem, and self discipline.

The training develops flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, and promotes proper breathing and posture. Karate-do is an excellent form of relaxation, stress relief, and weight control.

Of course it is also an effective means of self awareness and personal defense. Our program reinforces the principles of courtesy and respect, not only for instructors, but for peers and most importantly for oneself. In a traditional Karate dojo, participants gain a special sense of achievement and self esteem.

Students learn the principles of leadership, etiquette, self discipline, and commitment. Academic and or occupational performance often improves as concentration and effort increases. While the physical techniques may rarely if ever be used in real life, Karate-do helps defend practitioners against insidious dangers, those of unhealthy stress reducers, such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.

In adolescence it also helps prevent unhealthy social behavior due to peer pressure, mass media influences and indiscriminant sexual conduct due to lack of self control or self respect. Philosophy of our Association: The real art of Karate-do is not a sport or merely a means of exercise. It is a physical, intellectual, and spiritual pursuit which is practiced in nearly every country in the world for self defense, health and longevity.

Learning Karate-do is learning to face life's challenges and conditioning oneself to truly succeed. Once learned, it can never be lost or taken away. To truly be one you must first be able to defend yourself.

Then you have a choice you can make: To fight or not to fight. If you cannot defend yourself, you do not have that choice to make.I’ve been studying karate for 19 years, and this was written for my second Black Belt promotion.

To advance and get a new belt, you have to take a test and write an essay. This essay was. Thank you for purchasing the official videos from KNX The Karate Nerd Experience The videos are now available in digital format for direct download and/or streaming.

A receipt has been emailed to you. Here’s What Happened at KNX16 (The Karate Nerd Experience ). Read what Charles Quimby, KNX16 attendee and chief instructor of Authentic Karate in USA had to say about The Karate Nerd Experience One week ago I packed my bags and left USA – where I organized The Karate Nerd Experience As you know, KNX is my annual event where I invite a limited number of “Karate Nerds” from 35+ countries to eat, sleep and train together with handpicked Karate experts.

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My karate test experience

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