Robert macnamara sets criteria to determine absolute poverty

Especially in the earlier days after the disaster the food distribution was far from effective, in particular to the lesser populated rural areas. This article states why and gives a way out. After the disaster, unemployment will increase substantially since a large percentage of the population relies on farming of spice trees i. Before, thanks to the abundant fruits of the rainforest, nobody in Grenada ever suffered from hunger.

Robert macnamara sets criteria to determine absolute poverty

A practical guide to countering science denial June 12, by John Cook, The Conversation Science denial can come in many forms, but you need to be careful when debunking it. So what does scientific research tell us?

One effective way to reduce the influence of science denial is through "inoculation": How do we practically achieve that? There are two key elements to refuting misinformation. The first half of a debunking is offering a factual alternative.

To understand what I mean by this, you need to understand what happens in a person's mind when you correct a misconception. People build mental models of how the world works, where all the different parts of the model fit together like cogs. Imagine one of those cogs is a myth.

When you explain that the myth is false, you pluck out that cog, leaving a gap in their mental model. That gap needs to be filled with an alternative fact. John Cook, Author provided But people feel uncomfortable with an incomplete model.

They want to feel as if they know what's going on. So if you create a gap, you need to fill the gap with an alternative fact. For example, it's not enough to just provide evidence that a suspect in a murder trial is innocent.

To prove them innocent — at least in people's minds — you need to provide an alternative suspect.

However, it's not enough to simply explain the facts. The golden rule of debunking, from the book Made To Stickby Chip and Dan Heath, is to fight sticky myths with even stickier facts.

So you need to make your science sticky, meaning simple, concrete messages that grab attention and stick in the memory. How do you make science sticky? To paraphrase a quote from Nobel prize winner Ernest Rutherford: If your science is counter-intuitive, embrace it!

Robert macnamara sets criteria to determine absolute poverty

Use the unexpectedness to take people by surprise. Ideally, source your information from the most credible source of information available: One of the most powerful tools to make abstract science concrete is analogies or metaphors. Scientists are trained to remove emotion from their science.

However, even scientists are human and it can be quite powerful when we express our passion for science or communicate how our results affect us personally.

Shape your science into a compelling narrative. Mythbusting Let's say you've put in the hard yards and shaped your science into a simple, concrete, sticky message. Congratulations, you're halfway there! As well as explaining why the facts are right, you also need to explain why the myth is wrong.

But there's a psychological danger to be wary of when refuting misinformation. When you mention a myth, you make people more familiar with it. But the more familiar people are with a piece of information, the more likely they are to think it's true. This means you risk a " familiarity backfire effect ", reinforcing the myth in people's minds.

There are several simple techniques to avoid the familiarity backfire effect. First, put the emphasis on the facts rather than the myth.These data are used to calculate absolute poverty in Ukraine. In , the World Bank calculated that the level of absolute poverty in Ukraine has been dropping very quickly.

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McNamara's obsession to assist those in "absolute poverty" remained the backbone of his presidential tenure. Public Sector and Private Sector Robert McNamara with . robert mcnamara. robert mcnamara Essay Examples.

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A practical guide to countering science denial

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Robert macnamara sets criteria to determine absolute poverty

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There are so many places becoming derelict and abandoned; what should the Government do about this problem??? Recessionary Times Indymedia Ireland is a media collective. We are independent volunteer journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people Indymedia Ireland is a media collective.

We are independent volunteer citizen journalists producing and distributing the.

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