What does listhesis mean

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What does listhesis mean

I found Charaka in Google and consulted Dr Chandrashekhar. He did an accurate diagnosis and later MRI scan also confirmed a fairly disc protrusion.

I had a 45 day Panchakarma treatment and medication. Dr monitored my progress and What does listhesis mean the medication accordingly throughout the treatment. I thank God for leading me to Charaka, I want to thank Dr. Chandrasekhar for the treatment and I greatly appreciate his commitment towards improving the health of his patients.

Also, I want to thank the therapists and staff at Charaka everyone was very helpful and committed. I have suggested my colleagues to Charaka who are facing problems related to current living life style.

I must say over past three months of relentless effort, research and dedication of the Crew specifically Binni, Swapna, Archana, Besley, Sharanya, and Chilku and all the countless girls and boys who lifted when I was completely crippled and the Doctors Dr.

I am today confidently able to walk and get over my health calamity of paraplegia which haunted me over seven months and the injury that severely bothered me over nine months. The Panchakarma Treatment started on April 17th and I got the first result of sensation by May 27th, and more coverage by June and ultimately I got the Total Sensation and Movement by July 6th, I faced several cycles during the treatment where I was tested to the core but kept up the Morale with Patience and I must say What does listhesis mean Hard work and Scientific Approach to Cure the Medical Calamity bore fruit and I cannot thank Charaka Ayurveda enough to the core for giving me a new hope towards life and giving my feet back to me.

If my Smile today inspires more patients of you as told by a few patients at the corridor talk of your clinicthe Credit goes to you all. I had been prescribed a variety of painkillers and complete bed rest for a long period. Even after this my movement was completely restricted, walking for even meters was a major ordeal.

I was then recommended to get in touch with Dr.

What does listhesis mean

Chandrashekhar listened to the complete issues and suggested that I undergo panchakarma for 45 days. Chandrashekhar assured me that it was not an issue and that it would be the best course of action.

Dr Ken Nakamura

Under his advise, I underwent a 45 day course of Panchakarma and followed it up with regular visits first every 15 days and then every month for past 5 months. In course of the treatment, I saw regular improvement and am now relatively pain-free and have much-improved mobility.

In addition to the excellent medical treatment provided I must also mention the clinic. The clinic is located on the penthouse of the building with the outside and the insides maintained with keeping in mind to comfort and welcome the patient or anyone else.

I have found that the clinic is extremely well lit with ample use of natural light and is maintained very cleanly and neatly. The receptionist is knowledgeable and personable, as well as efficient. Setting up an appointment is minutes task.

The treatment rooms for patients are equipped with all the necessary equipment maintained in the best conditions and the staff is well trained to use them. Even the most uncomfortable procedures are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

The most impressive thing about the clinic is the excellent hygienic conditions and truly excellent professional staff.


My Son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2. We tried the traditional therapies including speech therapy and occupational therapy with 0 improvement.

We were told there is literally any cure for this disorder.

What does listhesis mean

As days passed by, it became difficult for us to handle his hyperactivity. We found out about charaka through friends and approached Dr. He told us he has to undergo panchakarma therapies for 45 days and take medication for 2 years.

We were skeptic about the treatment at first, due to personal reasons. When we consulted Dr. Soujanya, their positive words gave us immense energy to do the panchakarma therapies for a 4 year old, who was very hyper and couldnot understand what was going on with him.


But the staff, doctors, treated him like their own kid and dealt with him. Doctor used to answer my questions regardless of time and his busy schedule. About after 15 days into the treatment, I could see him bonding more with me, his eye contact improved, his hyperactivity decreased a bit!

Its been almost 1 year since we started the treatment, He has come a long way through.! His communication skills improved, He can understand and follow directions now. We are indebted to the doctor and the therapists.

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The thought of transforming yourself into a better person can be daunting – especially if you’re older, and you’ve had several “interventions,” and you do not feel as energetic as you were when you were a fresh-faced (or pimply-faced, as the case may be) teenager.

(Sciatica / Slip-disc patient) I had a back pain which became severe after lifting some weights, I had sciatica pain radiating in to my right. I found Charaka in Google and consulted Dr Chandrashekhar. He did an accurate diagnosis and later MRI scan also confirmed a fairly disc protrusion.

An Overview of Causes of Lower Back Pain. Pain in the lower back has a multitude of causes. The discs, facets, pars interarticularis, sacroiliac joints, hip joints and nerves can all be causes of lower back pain.

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Your neck is the bridge connecting your brain to your body; good health depends upon the signals from your brain getting through to your organs.

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